Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on enabling people across the lifespan to participate in necessary activities of daily living, work, recreational activities and play.

People who are having difficulty due to injury, illness, developmental problems, disability or processes of ageing may benefit from occupational therapy. Interventions aim to promote increased independence, participation and well-being.

Services include:


  • Assessment of physical, emotional, developmental, functional and psychological capabilities

  • Modification of environments or provision of equipment to enable better access, function and independence across a broad range of settings 

  • Prescription and fitting of specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, rails and other daily living aids

  • Providing health education and promotion programs

  • Assisting children with disabilities or developmental delay to better participate and integrate with their environments and achieve their learning potential

  • Rehabilitation and management of chronic long term condittions such as Arthritis, MS, Stroke

  • Falls prevention programs


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